Our Club Shop

     If you are interested in lapidary arts, we have instructors and classes for all levels of experience.  We will provide training on safety and proper use of equipment, whether it is silver smithing, beading, faceting, cutting, shaping, or polishing stone.​

Educational Rock Talks

    Members of our Club visit schools, youth groups, and clubs during the year to  give presentations .  Our goal is to promote interest in lapidary and earth science, as well as the study and preservation of nature.  Contact Debbie at 559-972-1705 to schedule a Rock Talk.

Field Trips

     We take a variety of field trips throughout the year.  Some are for a few hours and others are overnight camping.  We may be looking for Thulite, Rose Quartz, Jade, Soapstone, Jasper, Benitoite, Palm Root, the list goes on and on!

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Tule Gem and Mineral and Mineral Society

Tule Gem and Mineral Society